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lunching ladiesWhenever I’m hanging out with my girlfriends, and there happens to be 4 of us, we play a game whereby we bags/allocate the Sex and the City characters to each other (hey, I didn’t say the game was mature). As someone who has worked in law, I always seem to be allocated Miranda. Thanks Guys.  And while one would presume its Carrie (with that shoe wardrobe) to be ‘bagsed’ first, I’m always suprised to see no matter who is present, and no matter what the circumstance, it’s always Samantha that is the first to go.

Which leads me to the inevitable conclusion…..Deep down, whether we present the world with an image that’s sweet like Charlotte’s or balsy like Miranda’s… We all just want to be Samantha

Of course, I realised I wanted to be Samantha right from the first series. Not only do we share the same surname (long lost sisters, I’m sure of it), I often feel elements of that character have been based on me, not least her love of men, vibrators and sex toys. You all remember the episode where one of the other girls mentions their Goodie Drawer and Samantha piped up with “Honey, I have a whole Goodie Closet“? Pure… TV… Gold

So, noting my discovery and my undeniable similarties with the character, I have decided it’s my duty to bring you some tips to “Samantharise” your life:

  1. Treat your sex life and sexuality as importantly as any other priority in your life – if you need to stay in for an entire weekend to get your ‘O’ back, do it; if you think saying something to your partner would make it better for you, say it.
  2. Never, Ever be ashamed of who you are – whether youre the oldest women in a room of young party goers, or have lost your hair due to illness – dont be afraid to dress up all sexy and show everyone around you how its done.
  3. Pursue your goals with vigour – think that some guys off limits just because he is a priest? No way honey, its just an extra part of the challenge.
  4. Your body is your wonderland – celebrate it by having beautiful pictures taken, show it off in awesome clothes.
  5. Finally, grab life by the balls (when appropriate, literally) – Be a tri-sexual, try anything once. Take opportunities presented to you (lesbian love affair, anyone?) and even if it means having to sit in some new age restaurant eating gross food to get what you want, do it.

So, ladies, time to strap on those heels and approach 2013 with a whole new (Samantharised) spirit – I look forward to hearing about your adventures

Naughty Miss Jones xx

2 thoughts on “Why We All Just Want To Be Samantha

  1. Emmeline Rixon says:

    I can’t imagine my friends and I discussing anything like this over a Big Mac … but then of course we could discuss my adventures with Big Mac!!! (forget about Mr Big!!)

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