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Recently, I stayed in all day as I was sick (read; hungover) and with nothing better to do to pass the time, spent hours googling vibrators. Not just looking for new and exciting vibrators to stock, but just to learn a little more about the buzz (excuse the pun) surrounding these objects.

And didn’t I learn something! There is SO much information on vibrators on the internet it’s not even funny. Some interesting pictures too, but I won’t go there.

So next time you’re sick (read; hungover), take your mind off the pain by enjoying theseĀ 10 interesting facts about vibrators, without even having to google:

  1. Vibrators were invented by doctors to treat ‘female hysteria’. I saw a play about this at the opera house last year with a good friend Lindy, at the time I couldn’t believe mere sexual frustration was enough to render a woman ‘hysterical’; evidently, it was;
  2. The ‘rabbit’ is shaped in the way it was, because it was invented in Japan where it is illegal to make sex products shaped like penis’!
  3. The sale of sex products often DOUBLES average monthly sales in the month leading up to Valentines Day – well done fellas, well done
  4. The best selling sex toy isn’t actually vibrators, but lube – seems we all like it to be a slippery little sucka’
  5. Studies have shown the use of vibrators actually increases sexual attractiveness, due to the release of pheremones and other ‘happy hormones’
  6. A survey in the states that showed around 50% of women owned and regularly used their vibrators – truly inspiring stuff
  7. Accordingly to the history books (which I don’t purport to have actually read), Cleopatra had 2 orgasms every day and used to ‘get off’ through shaking a box full of bees then sitting on top! thank goodness technology has made it easier for us modern day queens
  8. 8 out of 10 women who use vibrators use the vibe on the clitoris to
    achieve orgasm rather than the usual method – my advice, try both ways
  9. Apparently, candles are the most common household object used in lieu of a sex toy. What the???
  10. If you have some serious cash to splash, the most expensive sex toy is a white gold dildo encrusted with 117 diamonds. As you do…

So there you go, I hope to have raised some eyebrows! And if you have a fact for me, I would love to hear it.

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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