The Adventures of Naughty Miss Jones

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Not so long ago I was at a bar, and met a lovely young man. Drinks were purchased, flanter exchanged (flirty banter people, use it), and there was even talk of a catch up in following days. Indeed, the exchange was going so well I determined it was time to start asking the serious questions to get into this blokes head and figure out if he really could be a potential. And so I hit him with the big guns.

“So, who is your favourite Kardashian?”

The boy looked at my strangely for a while and didn’t say anything. Naturally, I just assumed he was carefully weighing up the merits of Kourtney’s fashion sense vs Kimmy’s sex appeal, a difficult decision by anyone’s standards. But instead of providing me with the thought out and carefully considered response I longed for, the young man, who all of 2 minutes ago had been commenting on how much he was enjoying our chat, shook his head and walked away

Yep, apparently one simple question about the worlds favourite reality sisters is enough to turn some men off.

It seems when it comes to all things Kardasian, people really do either love ’em or hate ’em (and you couldn’t ever possibly date someone from the other side).

Being female, I of course initially blamed myself for the young mans stealth departure.

But later, musing over the incident with a girlfriend, I changed my mind, and concluded I should be proud of my Kardashian love. I get it, there not that smart, and they don’t actually do much. But that’s exactly why I love them! These girls have made millions just having fun and being sexy. They should be the poster childs for people with no apparent talent. As I see it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working what you got, be it a nice round bum or quick wit, and these girls know how to work it, baby!

So next time I’m being chatted up and bring out the big questions, I expect a much better response. Hopefully, I’ll find a bloke who agrees with me that Khloe is so the best Kardashian. That, I dare say, would be true love

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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