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Awwww, love

Awwww, love

As I’ve previously reported, sales of sex toys double in the month leading up to Valentines day. This, in my opinion, is awesome.

Regardless of whether your spending your day with a loved one, with the ‘one for now’ or alone, the use of sex toys can certainly help lift moods, widen smiles and, without being too gross (cupid was an angel, after all) help spice it up in the bedroom.

So tonight, instead of sitting in a crowded restaurant with a boring overpriced three course set menu, why not try a night in of pure love. Set the mood with music, light a few candles, pour some wine and, ladies, happy vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx

One thought on “Happy Valentines Day Lovers! (and self lovers)

  1. The missus and I resemble that remark!

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