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I currently have a shooting star made of rhinestones stuck to my lady bits. Figured I may as well come right out and say it.

Walking past a cute little salon in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs recently, I noticed an eye catching sign that read “Have a Brazalian and get a free Vajazzle”

How could an adventurous type like me resist?

And so after work and the unpleasantness that is the Brazilian (if I ever meet that Brazilian woman who decided we should be completely bald, I won’t be very nice to her. Actually, come to think of it, it was probably a Brazilian man) I had the joy of choosing which little design I wanted downstairs. The lovely beautician, Tatiana, showed me an eye-catching choice of the word “HOTTY”, but I decided on the more demure Vajazzle of the star shooting down to my lady planet. I cannot believe I just used the words “Vajazzle” and “demure” in the same sentence.


So I’m not sure if anyone will ever see my Vajazzle. But I do know I woke this morning with a slightly more ‘cheeky’ outlook on life, and giggled as I carefully ‘patted down’ after my morning shower. Pretty sure for the next week or however long it lasts, I will amuse myself during serious business meetings with the thought of ‘if only you knew…’. Im off to Brisbane this weekend to visit a friend, and don’t I have a great conversation starter to impress the boys with when I’m out on the town!

And of course, I have taken photos for my private collection to mark this momentus occasion in my life.

If you want one too (and lets be honest, who doesn’t), here is the salon I went to:

Tell them Naughty Miss Jones sent you. And if you’re brave (or vein) enough to get the HOTTY choice, I’d love to see a picture

Naughty Miss Jones xx


2 thoughts on “I am Vajazzled, Hear Me Roar

  1. jackchaser says:

    Wonder if I could get the same treatment on my penis.

  2. either way, any attempt would certainly make for interesting blogging

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