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Walking back from lunch recently, my friend Susie and I were discussing undies, as you do, when she dropped this pearler

Yeah, I must buy a new pair of undies at least every week

Now, Suzie isn’t the type of girl to be buying the bonds 3 packs from Woolies. Classy with immaculate dress sense, I can only imagine the ‘undies’ to which she refers are more of the soft lace and satin variety, produced by brands NOT available in target.

Which means that dear old Suzie’s undie habbit would be costing her quite a pretty penny

A look in my own undie drawer reveals more of a mixed bag, some daggies with little holes forming, some ‘sporty’ g-strings and a number of frilly, pretty things that only get thrown on when I’m home alone and feeling a little low (they cheer me up. What, you haven’t tried that?) or actually lucky enough to be having sex. That said, there would be at least a couple of grand ‘knickering’ round in there.

So why do we do it?

To me, buying a cute new underwear set is a sinful pleasure. I love feeling the softness of the new lace, picking out the prettiest design and dancing around in front of the mirror (or my partner when applicable) when I get home. Its a great way to pick myself up when I’m feeling blah and we all know I’m an advocate for doing anything that makes you feel good

Other friends have mentioned that simply adorning a new matching underwear set is enough to turn their men to putty in their hands. Useful information to note when there is a sink full of dishes or a cars oil that needs changing

A quick read up on all things knicker related reveals I’m not alone in my love of underwear. In Italy, women celebrate New Year by wearing red underwear because it is considered lucky. The Victorias Secret Fashion Parade now has an annual audience of some 11 million viewers.  The global underwear business is estimated to be worth over $30 billion. 

All in all, very positive and inspiring stuff

So to Susie, I say, you go girl. Buy those knickers. Next time (which I presume to be next week) I might even come with you.

And in the meantime love, happy vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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