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Easter is one sexy time of year, with typical sex toys including such things as rabbits, ducks and eggs. In Australia, we have 4 days off approaching (hurrah!); if you’re looking for a way to spice up some of that time, or simply burn off a few of those chocolate bunny calories, here is Naughty Miss Jones’ tips to sexy up your easter!

1. Become an Easter Bunny! – time to dust out those playboy bunny outfits ladies (if you dont have one, now is the perfect time of year to pick up a cute set of ears and fluffy tail from your local junk shop). Put them on and deliver a very different kind of Easter Treat, just like the very sexy Kate Upton in the attached clip.

2. Not sure what to do with all those eggs? Melt them down and make your own chocolate body sauce. Here is a link to a recipe I found…

…you can thank me later.

3. Add a new type of ‘egg’ or ‘duck’ to the mix – Eggs are inserted and controlled with either a wireless or wire free remote. Ducks are a great range from the people at Big Teaze, they look just like your standard rubber duckie variety, only they vibrate (very well, if you must know).  Twenty bucks says you will get far more enjoyment from these guys than the cadburys version

4. Blow off the show and go for a different kind of ride. I don’t have any specific in mind here, I just want you to use your imaginations….

5. Wrap your self in a giant egg and pop out in sexy, pastel coloured underwear, just like those stipper girls you see in the movies. No, I have no idea where this giant egg is going to come from (I’m just the girl who makes the sexy recommendations) but I’m thinking the craft skills we all picked up from our ‘Play School’ years will come in handy here!

So there we go, I hope the Easter Bunny is very kind to you all and look forward to hearing of your adventures after the break

And in the meantime ladies, happy vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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