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It’s only flesh, but side boob really gets the blokes excited.

I literally spotted a pool of drool forming at the edge of my mates mouth when we were at a beach side bar recently, and a number of bra-less, side boob revealing girlies wandered by.

Why is it so great?” I asked him, “You see low cut tops all the time?”

Well, flower” he answered, eyes still fixed to the subject matter “It’s like unchartered territory… women have been flaunting their cleavage for forever, but this new area of boob?, you feel almost naughty looking at it”

In a strange way, it kind of made sense. The history books tell us bikinis and mini skirts created a massive furore when they were first worn, simply because they revealed something that had previously been kept under wraps. So now, I figure, side boob is having the same moment.

As a young women who doesn’t mind a bit of attention, surely this was a topic worth investigating. Google confirmed the side boob obsession is not only huge, but worldwide. There is even an organisation dedicated to it, found at

I asked around a bit, and the collective response was always in favour of the side boob (from the male component, anyway).

But I needed to satisfy myself of the powers of side boob ….. So I developed a plan (insert evil laugh here)….

I would have a ‘Side Boob Sunday’.

I would do all the things I usually do on a Sunday, only without a bra or bikini top, and wearing a little cotton singlet top very low cut under the arms I picked up in California, and test really how much, and the type of, attention I got.

I woke on the Sunday morning with a sense of dread. But knowing it was for the greater good (yes, I’m doing this for you dear reader) I jumped out of the shower, pulled on my skirt, and popped my little Californian singlet top over my head, arches of creamy fleshed side boob clearly visible at either side.

My first Sunday outing is always to grab a coffee and the papers at the local shop. It went OK. The homeless guy who has asked me out in french a couple of times didn’t look at my any differently, the lady at my coffee shop didn’t bat an eyelid, and the young bloke at the newsagents who always stares at my boobs, stared at my boobs, so nothing unusual there.

After my Sunday morning ritual, I prepared for outing no. 2; brunch and a wander round the markets with a girlfriend. The lovely Jess didn’t even notice. I think this was mostly cos she was ridiculously hung over, wearing very dark glasses and, in her state, probably wouldn’t have noticed if I had died my hair blue.

At the cafe, I spotted the waiter copping an eyeful as he leaned across to pick up the menu, but I put that down to the ‘no bra’ thing more than the ‘side boob’ thing.

As we wandered round the markets, I saw a few boys giving me second glances, a few girls giving me ‘that look’ and I got an extra big smile and hello from the friendly guy at the flower stall, but nothing too out of the ordinary. So far, so good.

But then it came time to my third outing of the day; evening drinks in the very same bar I had been in the week before.

I probably should have mentioned it before, but I am not a particularly small busted woman. A curvy size 10 to 12, with natural C cup breasts, these things jiggle. My lady lumps cop a fair bit of attention when out on the town anyway, but sans bra and with side boob showing? Well, that was a whole new ballgame…

Lets just say that my evening out was all I needed to prove to myself that men really do love side boob. It’s no secret that when booze is consumed and the lights are darkened, people feel much more comfortable expressing themsleves or approaching someone they wouldn’t otherwise have the guts to approach. That Sunday night I copped heaps of glances, was fed many a corney chat up line, and you know that thing in the American movies where a woman gets ‘sent over a drink’ from a handsome stranger at the other side of the bar? well, that actually happened

And so it’s official. If you’re in the mood to turn heads, meet some new blokes and try a new trend all at the same time, have your own Side Boob Sunday. At least until the next bit of ‘new’ flesh revealing fashion comes about.

And in the meantime ladies, happy vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx 



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