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I love lube.

Studies have shown that women who use lubricant have better sex (including solo and with a vibrator) and more orgasms. The person who did a study and came up with those results even has a PHD, so it must be true.

That in itself should encourage you lube virgins to invest in a bottle.

But if you’re weary or, like one of my lovely ladies, just unsure how to use the stuff, allow me introduce you to my friend lubricant, or ‘lube’ as he prefers to be known. I have a feeling the two of you are going to get on just fine…

The first thing you need to know about lube is he is really easy going. He’s not bothered at all as to where he goes or when he comes out, along as he is part of the fun. I like to introduce lube early in the piece, so we are all comfortable together, and make him part of the foreplay.

That said, lube can be firey at times. Or tingley. Or sweet. Or a whole manner of things really. That may sound wierd, but think back to when you were a kid and discovered the joy that is popping candy. Now imagine that same sense of excitement applying to your nookie… Yep, it’s that exciting.

My mate lube is always happy to help out. Whether its the pill, medical conditions or plain old stress thats stopping the natural juices flowing, lube doesn’t mind at all and is always happy to step in.

As far as friends go, lube is pretty irreplaceable. Vaseline and oil may look similar, but they are the evil stepsisters to lube’s cinderella. They will do bad things to your toys, not least your body, and should be avoided.

Finally, sometimes lube likes to use an alias, just to keep us on our toes. Think ‘edible massage gel’ and ‘water based intimate gel’ arn’t lube? nope, that’s him, just in disguise

If you’re looking for a great introductory lube, I recommend Swiss Navy, its one of the most popular brands in the world for a reason:

But if my comparison with the popping candy got you excited? Here is my favourite tingling lube

So now you and lube are such great mates, I hope you enjpy a long and beautiful friendship. 

And now you are, trust me, it’ll be happy vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx


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