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As my most recent posts reveal, in the past couple of months I have had my heart broken, bounced right back into the arms of another man, but then got out of that cos I didn’t want to bump uglies with him. Long story short, I’m now completely devoid of any potential love/ sex interests, which is bloody boring.

Right now, I don’t want a boyfriend (more trouble than they’re worth), but I don’t want to turn into a nun, either. So I’m putting it out there. Laying my cards on the table. Begging. Pleading…..


Dr Chris Brown, Bondi Vet,  the man of my fantasies, friend to the animals and sexy surfer all rolled into one, I beg of you, I plead of you…PLEASE LET ME TAKE YOU OUT ON A DATE

Now, unless the good Dr has been googling phrases like ‘vibrator’, ‘vajazzled’ and ‘Sideboob’ (I would be super impressed if he had), I doubt he is an avid reader of my blog. So if anyone out there knows him, (I live in the same suburb, so chances must be high) please pass on my plea. Maybe refrain from passing on my level of desperation, though.

And in the meantime, I have a fantastic new vibrator to keep me company and keep me away from any sense of nun-ness (do nun’s masterbate? hmmm, definately putting that pearler on the list of future blogs). It’s the vibrator with everything; it looks good, it’s very multi-talented and I call it Chris.

Naughty Miss Jones xx



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