The Adventures of Naughty Miss Jones

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When I hit the town, I like to get my girls out. Not ‘girls’ as in my favorite ladies, my other girls. And not ‘out’ as in ‘standing on a table, lassoing my bra around my head’ out, just, you know, a low cut top and a nice whack of cleavage.

So as a boob proud woman, I make sure I keep abreast (yep, I did that one intentionally) of any new products on the market that are bosom related. And when I read a number of reviews on various beauty blogs that vouched for the ‘lifting and volume increasing’ power of Talika Bust Serum, I knew I had to get me some.

The fact that it wasn’t available in Australia at the time was not enough to stop me. Instead, I managed to pick some up in Singapore when visiting last year, and carefully wrapped it in about 15 layers of clothes in my suit case on the way home, just in case the reason it wasn’t available in Australia was due to some banned substance or  health hazard or something else of minor significance in the context of bigger boobs. (Don’t worry, you can get it here now).

And so the process of rubbing a 20c coin amount every night in a figure 8 shape around my lady lumps for several minutes began. And, wonder of wonders, I honestly believe my girls got perkier and my cuppeth, officially, runneth over, and I’m now pushing a D-cup.

Now, I don’t work for talika and I don’t make any guarantees with respect to the product. The fact is my slightly bigger bust could well be down to the couple of extra kilos I have put on, but its no fun to think like that. It could also be because the product apparently contains some chemical that’s not so good for you, called phenoxyethanol, but given I’ve never heard of it and still have only one head (and two boobs) I’m sure it ain’t that bad.

Instead of those boring justifications for my increased bust, I have instead convinced myself I have found a magical potion, which will make my life a whole lot better, and I have the joy of sharing with my favorite ladies (i.e, you). Right now, the cup just seem fuller (yep, I did that one intentionally too) and I cannot wait to hit the town with my ladies this weekend.

If you decide to try it, I would love to hear your verdict

Naughty Miss Jones

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