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musicI’m may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it. Sex in the air, I don’t care I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me….

And so sings Rhianna in her poignant and heart moving track, S&M, which just happens to be my ultimate sex(y) song.

It’s no secret that music has the power to heighten sensations and emotions during all of our daily activities, it’s why movie montages are always sound tracked, and nookie time (whether solo or with a very lucky bloke) is no different. Music can make it tender, can make it fun, can make it rough (in a good way) and can make it go faster (also in a good way).

I was out for dinner last weekend with one of my favourite ladies, Eliza, and we were discussing our ultimate sex(y) song. Hers? some soppy number by Beyonce. Mine? the aforementioned Ri Ri classic. Clearly, both very different songs leading to very different types of sex-capades. While Eliza likes it soft, romantic and tender, I’m more about the empowerment aspect and getting to a nice strong rhythm (for the record, I am not a BDSM fetishist, it’s just an awesome song).

But of course, I do like to mix it up, and have developed, together with the help of my favourite ladies (thanks chicks) the Naughty Miss Jones guide to sex(y) songs, whatever your mood:

  1. The Sex(y) song for when you’re feeling cheeky – Donna Summer ‘Love to Love You Baby’ – a cute fun beat (perfect to strip tease to);
  2. The Sex(y) song to make your hips move – Ginuine ‘Pony” – its like magic, the song plays, and your hips start moving in a pony riding like fashion;
  3. The Sex(y) song for when you’re wanting to take the lead – Rhianna ‘S&M’ – trust me, I’ve road tested this one;
  4. The Sex(y) song for tear your clothes off hot sex – INXS ‘I need you tonight’ or Aerosmith ‘Love Bites’;
  5. The Sex(y) song for when you’re going solo – Helen Reddy ‘I am woman’ (not really, it just seemed an apt title); and, finally
  6. The ULTIMATE sex(y) song – Marvin Gaye, ‘Sexual Healing’. The one, the only, and it will never be done better.

Next time you’re getting your adventure on, I urge you to soundtrack it, and feel free to add to my list.

Thanks so much for all the suggestions, other honourable mentions go to Eric Carmen, Hungry eyes; Bruce Springsteen, I’m on fire’; anything by Barry White. Just press play and happy vibing.

Naughty Miss Jones xx

One thought on “Sex(y) Songs

  1. Eliza says:

    For you Miss Jones

    And that video clip is anything but soppy 😉

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