The Adventures of Naughty Miss Jones

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sprayPheromones, according to some site I googled, are chemical substances that are usually produced by an animal and serve especially as a stimulus to other individuals of the same species for one or more behavioural responses. Naughty Miss Jones’ interpretation? It’s a liquid that makes you think about sex.

So of course I stock them. And, in the spirit of adventure, occasionally wear them.

But last Saturday night, I decided to take my experiment one step further and distribute some around to my lovely ladies, while I played the part of the placebo and just watched.

Nicolette gleefully accepted my spray while we were sitting at a posh restaurant, as we talked excitedly about the likely effects when we were out on the town later. But, lo and behold, it turns out we couldn’t even get out of the restaurant before Nic’s magnetism drew ’em in, and it was only a matter of seconds before the waiter was over to dear Nic, placing his hand tenderly on her arm as he asked if we wanted dessert, obviously ‘stimulated’ by the chemical substances she was emitting into the air.

We all thought this was awesome.

And so, spirits high, we went outside and waited for a cab. There, a man sat, quietly having a cigarette. And of all of us who did he chose to strike up a conversation with? Yep, Nic. Seems he, too, was effected by the chemical, and I’m not talking about the nicotine.

And then onto the bar. There, we met up with Tammy, who, of course, wanted a go too.

Later, waiting outside our final destination, a group of young men walked past. I’m not joking when I say there was a good 4meters between Tammy and the wall, allowing free flowing passage of pedestrians outside the pub. But for one young man, the lure of the spray was clearly too much, and he bypassed the 4meter gap, and instead walked between Tam and I, pressing himself up against dear old Tam as if bypassing her in the ally of a plane. She should have been offended, of course, but instead she was amazed; this pheromone stuff really worked!

For now, I have put the little bottle of liquid magic away, and am saving it for a hot date I have lined up for next week. But spurred by the effects on Saturday night, I have just ordered some fabulous new ranges of the stuff to try and keep all my lovely ladies (including you) as chemically attractive as possible.

If you want to try the one we used on Saturday night, here is the link:
Let me know how you go, but be warned (or start getting excited, whichever applies), you WILL be a man magnet.

And in the meantime ladies, happy vibing
Naughty Miss Jones xx

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