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You will have to excuse any typos in the post. You see, I’m writing this on a deck chair by the pool, and the sun hot summer sun in the cloudless sky is making it hard to see my screen. Also, I’ve partaken in my new daily ritual of a couple of cocktails with lunch, so my mind is probably not as in tune to proper grammar as is usually the case.

That was my not so subtle way of showing off my current location… I’m in the Greek Islands baby!

Yesterday, I came from Mykonos, where the main town is about as easy to get around as Sydney in peak hour. Apparently it was specially built that way to confuse both pirates and Aussie tourists.

Around the outside of the town are all the touristy shops and cafes charging lots for, basically, crap. But in the depth of the city, around many bends and through many little alleyways are the goods, the funky designer stores and quality restaurants. You see, to find something good in this place,you really have got to be prepared to go hunting, have some patience and take a few risks.

Just like the A-spot.

No, that wasn’t a typo. I meant to write the letter ‘A’. Here, it stands for anterior fornix, and is a part of the female body that, to put it bluntly, produces amazing orgasms.

It’s much deeper in and somewhat more difficult to find that the more well known g spot, but taking the time to find this little zone is definitely worth the hunting and patience, and may even require you to take a few risks and get out of your comfort zone.

The A-spot is located at the deepest point of the anterior wall of the vagina between the cervix and the bladder, and when stimulated provides for natural lubrication and very intense orgasms. Apparently, it’s right near where the vaginal nerves connect, which gives it it’s power. And it is MIGHTY powerful.

Ready to go exploring ladies?

Like anything good, it might take a while to find and a bit of hunting and patience. Of course, toys can help the process, and I suggest something long and thin with a slight curve at the end, so it can be ’tilted’ to connect with different parts of the vaginal walls. Some products to assist with this expedition are the Bswish, bgee curved vibrator or the pipedream, precious metals vibe, both available in the standard shaped category on my site. To provide a smooth passageway, I also suggest a basic lube, anything by Swiss navy will do the trick.

Once found, go lightly and slowly increase the pressure, you should feel your natural juices a flowin. It shouldn’t take long, and you will feel an orgasm that is very different to a clitoral orgasm, that lasts longer, and that will likely have you screaming like your house was on fire (in a good way, of course).

Now, I’m going to stop writing about vaginal walls and am off to enjoy my holiday.

I hope you’re off to go exploring too.

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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