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When you hear the words ‘metal’ and ‘sex toy’ used in the same sentence, you probably think ‘painful’. Some of you might even, right now, be scrunching your legs together or sucking in air through your teeth as a natural result of the mental image such a combination conjures.

But, dear reader, metal products can be fun and, indeed, pleasurable.

While most don’t vibrate (there are exceptions), and therefore fall within the ‘dong’ family, it is through their texture and weight that the sensation is so very different to your usual vibrators or dildos. Think of the cool metal of a stainless steel fridge against your skin on a hot day, and how nice that feels. Now think about that gorgeous sensation, on your bits…

Still not convinced? Here’s some other benefits of metal products to try and convince you to try ’em out:

  • They Retain Temperature – stainless steel toys can be heated, by running under hot water, or cooled (I like to put them in the fridge) and they will retain the temperature, adding a new level of sensation.
  • They Look Pretty – products like this a seriously a work of art. They are hand polished, shiny, and wouldn’t look out of place in a display cabinet (go on, I dare you).
  • They Are Built to Last – I just googled, and stainless steel takes 50,000 years to decompose. So you have more than a lifetime of orgasms ahead from just one toy. That, and what an interesting find they will make for archeologists of the future.
  • Men are Mad For It – I’m not sure whether it’s the naughtiness factor, or that these toys quite often end up where the sun don’t shine, but many a man I have spoken with, both gay and straight, are very intrigued by these little beauties.  Just remember, if you’re both having a go, use a high grade cleaner in between.
  • Skin is Very Senstive to Metal – and the delicacy of the skin on our gentials is particularly senstive to changes in temperature. Accordingly, just like the real man of steel, when used correctly these toys should have you cuming faster than a speeding bullet.
  • You Never Know if You Never Go – put simply, you don’t know if you like it till you’ve tried it. And if you don’t like the feeling, you can always use it as a paper weight.

So go on, get ready for those hot summer days and invest in a man (bit) of steel. If you’re interested, a good beginners is the moi; I’ve made them my product of the week and reduced the price to help encourage y’all to try new things

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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