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Where the bloody hell has 2013 gone? It seems like only last month I was dancing up a storm, drunkedly screaming out the countdown to midnight, and then pashing boys to celebrate the click of a new year (yes, boys. As in multiple. I’m a bit of a New Years hussy, it seems).

Anyway, with 2014 now looming, I have been reflecting on the events that made up the last 12 months. The launch of my site, the recovery from a broken heart to throw myself into the dating scene, the wonderful times spent with family and friends, and even the exercise I’ve done (hey, it didn’t happen often, but it did happen).

And I think I have done pretty ok. So much so, that this year I’m abandoning the concept of New Years resolutions all together, and am just going to keep going where life happens to take me.

Nobody likes a skinny, sober tightarse anyway.

Dear readers, if you’re struggling with articulating exactly what you should resolve for the next 12 months, take my advice and don’t. Just… Don’t. Life is just too darn short. Or, if you simply must have something to strive for, make it something positive and fun; “I will orgasm every single day” will do just nicely.

I first blogged on the 8th of January 2013, almost a whole year ago now. What the next years stories will involve is, at this point, largely an unknown, but undoubtedly it will involve sex toys, men, relationships, Dr Chris Brown (maybe he will finally accept my date invitation…) and, well, even more sex toys.

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you in 2014 people. Until then, happy vibing, and happy new year.

Now, somebody pass me the vodka…

Naughty Miss Jones

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