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pic courtesy of Victorias secret

pic courtesy of Victorias secret

The next week or so is the busiest time in the entire sex toy industry calendar. Sales go gangbusters. So much so, that I reckon they should rename Valentine’s day ‘Vibrator Day’ in honor of the number of buzzy little devices sold. If the happenings at Naughty Miss Jones HQ are anything to go by, there will be a LOT of orgasms had cum the evening of Feb 14. You lucky things you.

If you’re keen for your lady to join the 14 Feb orgasm club too, I have provided a top ten gift guide on my site at, based on what sort of girl she is. Allow me to elaborate here:

1. BSwish, B-curios – for the girl who plays solo – this one is specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. And boys, I’ll let you in on a little secret… when where alone it’s almost always all about the clitoral stimulation…If you think your lady will be using her toy often without you (if, say you’re a shiftworker), this is a great choice.

2. California Exotic , Butterfly Kiss – for the simple but effective girl – this is a great ‘intro’ toy into the world of vibrators. It can be used both internally and on the clitoris (or both at the same time), is affordable and looks pretty.

3. Clone a Willy Kit – for the girl who loves your penis – travel a lot do you? why not leave a certain piece of you behind…. This do it yourself, clone a willy kit also makes for a seriously ‘fun night in’ activity.

4. Lovers Fantasy Kit, for the 50 Shades Fan Girl – if you saw this book on your girls bedside table, chances her she has had her own little bondage fantasy. Allow her to explore that side with this handy all in one kit (just remember, when the kit comes out your name is ‘Christian Gray’).

5. Layla, orchidee rabbit – for the animal lover girl – every girl needs a rabbit. Yep.. every.. single.. one. If your girl doesn’t own one, you have clearly been a neglectful boyfriend to date and need to rectify that. Right now.

6. Lelo Alia – for the girl who likes luxury – this pretty looking toy can be used on the clitoris, the shaft of the penis, to slightly penetrate… anywhere really. And it’s by lelo, generally considered the best brand on the market. A great one for the girl who likes subtlety and luxury.

7. Lelo Gigi 2 – for the explorer girl – it’s called gigi cos its designed to stimulate the G-Spot…. gettit? If your girl has never orgasms through g-spot stimulation before (well, that you know of, anyway), you will be giving her the V-Day of her life by presenting her with this.

8. Luz De La Riva , Lulu edible massage oil – for the girl who is good enough to eat – if you think your lady might freak out at an actual penis shaped toy, why not go for this instead? Give her the treat of a night in, light some candles, play some music…. As a bonus, I’m pretty sure it will end up with you getting laid.

9. Romant, pure metal dong – for the ‘wild thing’ girl – I wrote a separate entry about the pleasures of metal toys, but do appreciate their not for the faint hearted.

10. Velvet Plush, U-Vibe Junior, for the girl who wants you to join in – while the shape of this toy is designed around a female body (having a g-spot probe and clitoral tickler) its rounded shape and different angles make it great for, well, anywhere really. A great one to experiment around with (as is the aforementioned Alia).

So there you go ladies and gentlemen…. V-day made easy. Let the ‘romance’ begin.

Happy vibing
Naughty Miss Jones xx


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