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I almost fell for a bad boy recently. Thankfully, I did say ‘almost’ and have cut that sucka’ from my life. I’m actually quite proud of myself; turning away from the charm and sex appeal and saving myself before it’s too late. Look at me getting all mature and wise.

My ex boyfriends all have a lot in common. Good-looking. Fit. Popular. Charming to everyone they meet… and with a complete and total inability to keep their dicks in their pants, notwithstanding their apparent devotion to yours truly.

Yep. My last three long term boyfriends all cheated on me (several times each), so I think I’m as qualified as anyone to write about the phenomena that is nice girls falling for bad boys. Ok, fair enough, I’m not your typical ‘nice girl’, but whatever.

A bit of research of the scientific variety reveals that women choose bad boys because their hormones make them. Evidently, in a totally non-counterintuitive move, an ovulating woman’s hormones influence her to pick sexier men over more obviously dependable men. So its science’s fault, not mine. As study researcher Kristina Durante said, “Under the hormonal influence of ovulation, women delude themselves into thinking that the sexy bad boys will become devoted partners and better dads.”
I love when we can blame things on hormones.

Anyway, whatever the cause of my choosing the same type of boy over and over again, I’m sick of it. As sexy as the alpha-male type of my desire may be, I’m just not willing to put my poor little heart through that pain and myself through that sense of worthlessness ever again.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my month off men. I’m almost half way through. And while, truth be told, I’m bored silly, the time certainly has allowed me to do some soul searching of sorts (it’s also given me plenty of time to sit at home drinking red wine watching reality TV, but that’s beside the point). I’ve finally decided what it is I want, by coming to the realisation that what I think I want, the good-looking charmer, will undoubtedly just lead me to another case of heartbreak and lots of empty wine bottles.

But while it’s true I want someone nice and trustworthy this time round, the simple fact is, if you’re going to be with me, you need to have an adventurous (and, let’s be honest, slightly kinky) side too….. I have a feeling this is not going to be easy.

Do nice, funny, honest, trustworthy, adventurous, kinky guys even exist? Or are ‘nice’ and ‘kinky’ just too opposite? Hmmm, I certainly intend to have some fun trying to find out. Written submissions will be accepted.

Bring on March; and get ready for some adventures, people.

Naughty Miss Jones xx

One thought on “Baby did a bad, bad thing….

  1. Jack Chaser says:

    Was there a form to fill out or was it resume style?

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