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I get lots of weird and wonderful questions sent to me via my site. That makes me happy cos, firstly, it means my lovely customers view me as approachable and a source of knowledge, and, secondly, it means in answering these questions I am promoting my overall aim of making women comfortable and excited about their sexuality.

Amongst those questions, the ‘g-spot’ is a common topic. It seems many women don’t actually know where their g-spot is and have never experienced a g-spot orgasm, but feel silly admitting that. Ladies, you are so not alone. But you are SO missing out.

Lucky, I’m here to help.

The g-spot, found on the front wall about 5 – 7 cm up from the opening, is a bunch of nerve endings that are extremely sensitive to deep pressure, making the spot, when stimulated, swell and ultimately create a (mind blowing) orgasm.

Of course, all women’s bodies are different and the location of the g-spot has some variance, so you may have to go on a little a bit of a treasure hunt to find it. But that treasure hunt, be it via sex or solo-play, is so worth the chest of orgasmic gold it will earn you.

During sex, it is difficult to properly stimulate the G spot in the missionary position. Other positions such as doggie or girl on top have a better chance of stimulating the g-spot. Remember, your aim is for his member to rub up against the front wall, so you should position your body accordingly.

Unfortunately, in a major design flaw by the almighty creator, most men’s penises aren’t exactly built for g-spot stimulation. But (you can stop your panic now girls) many a vibrator is.

When you’re looking for a toy to stimulate the g-spot, look at the name of the product. Amongst the range I stock are the ‘Gigi’ by Lelo and the ‘Bgee’ by Bswish. The name is a dead giveaway of the purpose; what clever marketing people they have at those companies! Now, do me a favour and have a look at those products, the links are here:


See how they have a curved end? Well, when on your treasure hunt, point the end to the front wall of your lady tunnel, and insert so the end is up about 5cm or so. From there, it’s a matter of applying pressure to different areas using a lever mechanism with the base of your vibrator; don’t just brush over in strokes but imagine you are ‘dotting’ your vaginal wall. To keep the treasure hunt metaphor going, you wouldn’t just brush the dirt from side to side now would you? No girl, you gotta dig.

If you want even more orgasmic fun, there are some products designed to simultanously stimulate the g-spot and the clitoris, such as the Fun Factory Delite and Ocean Delux (being one of my personal favourites found here at ).

So, I hope by writing this post I have encouraged y’all to go exploring. If you’re not sure if you’ve found it, let me use another metaphor to assist. Imagine you found that treasure chest, you opened the lid and all that gold is gushing out like a stream. Emphisis on the word ‘gushing’. I’m sure you get what I’m talking about. Subtelty has never really been my strong point.

And with that ladies, happy vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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