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Another Sunday morning…. another dick pic. These are rapidly becoming part of my Sunday morning ritual along with newspapers and coffee… “Would you like sugar in your latte love?”… “No thanks, I’ll just have it with a side of penis“.

Usually sent at about 3am, the pics range from the hardcore to the funny, the flaccid to the ‘holy hell, no wonder they call him donkey“.

And the funny thing is, while I receive quite a few, I don’t actually ask for them. (OK. That was a lie. Occasionally, but really only occasionally, I do).

It seems I have a flashing neon sign above my head that only men can see that reads “Please send me a picture of your penis“. Either that, or when a guy learns what I do for a living, he comes to the theory I have a vested interest in such objects.

I don’t know whether to be offended or amused.

Either way, the one thing I definitely am not when I receive one of these gems, is turned on. (OK. That was lie, too. Occasionally, but really only occasionally, I see one that gets me a little excited).

Don’t get me wrong, penis’ are very useful creations, but they’re not exactly the prettiest of things, especially when depicted with their weird housemates, the testicles.

So why do guys do it?

According to my research, men send pictures of their penis’ because they want to remind the world/ their partner/ the chick they met at the pub last week that they actually have a penis. Men feel a sense of empowerment when they send off a picture like that; they want to feel objectified to an extent, and the thought process that leads to hitting ‘send’ is an apparent turn on for the guy himself.

Another theory, to quote the author of an article I read on ‘Glamour’ is that “Guys send d*ck pics because they fundamentally misunderstand how most women feel about d*ck pics” (touché my friend, touché).

Anyway, after an entire morning of reading up on the topic, the one commonality behind all the theories as to why this phenomena occurs is men send dick pics because they enjoy doing so and it makes them feel good; regardless of what us women folk really think.

And at Naughty Miss Jones, we’re all for doing anything that makes you feel good.

So send away fellas!

While the image of your member might not get my juices flowing per se, next time I receive one I’ll take comfort in knowing simply sending it made you happy.

And Ill raise my latte in a cheers to that.

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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    1. Sounds interesting. Good luck

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