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Big, Round, Boobs. OK gents, now I have your attention, I want to talk to you about something very important to me. Vibrators. And, more specifically, why these little objects of pleasure should be embraced by all of mankind (and not just womankind) to enhance the sexy times enjoyed by both partners.

Boys; I get it. You are very proud of your penis. And while I haven’t personally seen yours, I have heard through the grapevine it is awesome. Well done you.

I also get why introducing a vibrator into your party for two may be intimidating. You want your member to be the centre of attention. No one wants competition in the quest for “Oh my god, its sooooo big!” style bedroom exclamations. Especially if, to call a spade a spade, the vibrator is in fact bigger than you.

But gentlemen, as a worldy woman who has had both, let me assure you this; penises and vibrators are very different, and both are very dear to us ladies, but not in the same way. While a vibrator may be good for reaching an orgasm quickly, it cannot give us the element of surprise and lack of control that only you can. Our bodies were made for sex, so as a natural act sex will never be replaced by toys, no matter how good the new model super-charged-7-function-jack-rabbit-with-pearls really is. But toys can certainly enhance sex.

I’m a single lady at the moment who, let’s be honest, has access to more toys and, therefore, more orgasms than should probably be legal. But even so there are times when I have to acknowledge it just ain’t the same, and would happily swap My bottom drawer dwelling Mr Sparkles for a real life flesh and blood man. Very happily in fact. Moral of the story? No matter what our circumstances, its human condition to want the real thing, at least sometimes.

So fellas, I urge you to embrace our buzzy little friends. You have absolutely nothing to fear. If you don’t like the idea of a competing ‘penis’, go for one of a completely different shape; as long as it vibrates, it will do what needs to be done to us, and will also feel great against your man bits. There are heaps of different shapes available that look nothing at all look your member and will make for bedroom giggles, from rocket ships, to lady bugs to the lovely Lelo Alia (my fave for couple play); some of them can be found here:

So if your woman suggests she introduces a toy, or even if you get the idea yourself and she seems all for it, rest assured we are neither comparing nor looking to replace. We are just having a bloody good time, and hope you will too.

So boys, Happy Vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx

4 thoughts on “Gentlemen: Vibrators come in peace

  1. Jack Chaser says:

    I didnt see anything past boobs

    1. Ha ha! thanks Jack, as long as it made you happy : )

      1. Jack Chaser says:

        Boobs always make me happy

  2. cassycass says:

    I’m all for toys/vibrators!! You go girl!!

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