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a not so sexy rabbit

a not so sexy rabbit

Chocolate or orgasms? Orgasms or chocolate? no need to choose this Easter ladies, because you can have both! And it sounds like a bloody good combination to me….

Any Sex and the City fan (which is pretty much all of us) has heard of the rabbit. It’s popularity soured in the 90’s after Charlotte locked herself away from the world to enjoy orgasm after orgasm, sending sex toy shops in the US and world wide into a frenzy.

And the reason this product was so popular? two fantastic little words ladies, “duel action”. Trust me, you will want to add that little phrase to your vocabulary. The rabbit operates by simultaneously stimulating the internal walls of the vagina and the external clitoris, leading to such fantastic orgasms you will want to chuck a Charlotte and lock yourself away for a little while too.

Invented in Japan, where its illegal to make sex toys shaped like a penis and where the rabbit is a symbol of good luck, the bunny ears effectively operate as a clit tickler, the long thing shape allowing for movement (like little magic fingers) while the shaft operates as a normal vibrator. And the result is pure vibatory magic. So good I invented a new word, it seems.

As soon as that wonderful episode aired in 1998 (is it just me, or does that make anyone else feel old?) the rabbit became the most popular toy on the market. The buzz (gettit?) spread around the world quickly. And even today the rabbit remains one of the biggest selling sex toys with many different varieties available with a whole host of bells and whistles.

Ladies, if you’re planning on indulging in a few chocolate bunnies this Easter, I urge you to burn the calories off with a very different kind of rabbit. I have a lovely range available in my ‘Rabbits and Butterflies’ section of my site at (my personal recommendation is the Layla).

An Easter break filled with chocolate and orgasms? Well, if it’s good enough for Charlotte..

Happy vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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