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 I had certain expectations when I met a male escort for coffee on a sunny Thursday afternoon. I blame Deuce Bigalow. And my overactive imagination. But Ryan James, escort and porn actor (pictured, see ) wasn’t at all what I expected; articulate, softly spoken, and completely devoid of any sort of male bravado or cockiness I had assumed would be present from someone in his line of work.

Ryan has a very obvious and very genuine passion in all things women’s pleasure. To hear him speak of the topic so knowledgeably and enthusiastically was bloody refreshing (and, if I’m being honest, a little bit of a turn on). He had some great tips and insights, which should be regarded as essential reading for anyone who plans to have sex at any time in the future, and which I’ve set out below;

What Women Want

Women often won’t come right out and tell you what they want, you need to coax it out of them and be responsive to their needs. But women all want to feel special and wanted” says Ryan “They want someone to talk to them, to take an interest in them” and it’s not just about the sex, with Ryan explaining the importance of “affection, of cuddles, tickles and massage

As a women, everything Ryan said made sense. I mean, how good are cuddles? How nice is it when a bloke takes an interest in you and your life as opposed to simply wanting to get straight down to business? Gentlemen, I hope your taking notes…

Women’s Bodies

I asked Ryan about spots on a women’s body he finds women enjoy being stimulated, aside from the usual suspects.

He provided the following tips

Every women is different, of course, but I find the back of the spine along the neck to the hairline to be very sensitive to kisses and touch, along with the ears and the side of the neck. The nipples, of course, but not for every woman. It’s just a matter of making her comfortable and being responsive to her needs”

Now, as I type this with one hand, I’m lightly tickling my fingers along the spine on the back of my neck to my hairline. Confirmed; the boy knows his stuff.

The G Spot

A few weeks ago, I wrote about g-spot stimulation with toys. Ryan, it seems, has his own method for manual stimulation, explaining “To start with, I basically insert two fingers and use a come hither motion against the front wall; you need to be patient to find the spot, some are closer to the entrance than others. Then you can mix it up, use a circular motion or a stroke, or even a running man motion with your fingers” And to know when you’ve found it “You need to pay attention, to her movements, to her voice. Sometimes women who have never had a g-spot orgasm before are uncomfortable with the unfamiliar sensation, explaining they feel like they may wet themselves. You need to assure them it’s ok and encourage them to relax

(As an aside, to anyone who happened to be at Bill and Toni’s yesterday afternoon and was witness to a pair of blondes making ‘come hither’ and ‘running man motions’ with their fingers, I apologise if we made you feel uncomfortable but, yep, that’s exactly what we were doing).

Oral Sex

I have long been an advocate for the importance of the tease; the anticipation of the act often being just as sexy as the act itself. I honestly believe our minds to be the biggest sexual organ we have. When it comes to oral sex, Ryan applies that same philosophy, describing his technique

You need to take your time and work up to it, and pay attention to the women while doing so. I’ll often kiss my way down a women’s body, taking my time on the inner thighs and outer labia, helping the woman relax into the process. Only then will I work my way up to the clit, slowly and softly at first….”

Sorry Ryan, is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

Lubes & Lotions

Have you ever encountered that slightly awkward ‘babe, can you grab the lube from the bottom drawer’ style happening? Not exactly the stuff fantasies are made of. But Ryan has a much more erotic way to introduce the slippery stuff into sex.

I’ll often start with a sensual massage, involving a dual purpose massage lotion, to relax the women and so the lubrication is already there.  Again, it’s about taking your time and working the whole of the body, working slowly along the whole of the body…..”

Yes Ryan. Just… yes.

The Ultimate Treat

As to why a women would want to book a session with an escort, Ryan’s own words sum it up perfectly

Escorts are not just for people who can’t get sex. Think about it this way, often you invest just as much time and effort in going out and looking for someone who can end up being terrible. If you wanted a good massage would you spend ages getting dressed up, staying up late going from bar to bar to try and find someone to massage you, which massage may end up being pretty ordinary anyway? No, you would go to a professional

Kind of makes sense, no?

As I walked away from that coffee, I had images of sensual, slippery massages, of slow, light kisses up my legs and down my spine for extended periods, drawing out the process and teasing me, and of running man fingers administered with patience and care. Those thoughts all making me, well, a little flustered really.

(Again, to anyone who saw a blonde girl walking along Stanley Street yesterday afternoon with a strange look of bliss on her face, I apologise if I made you uncomfortable but, yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking).

If you booked Ryan, I imagine, you would get a few exquisite hours where the sole focus is your pleasure, from someone with a genuine passion for pleasuring you… And that sounds like a pretty good treat to me.

Special thanks to Ryan James for meeting me, sharing your tips, and agreeing to be Hottie of the Week on my facebook page   You’re a (very sexy) legend.

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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