The Adventures of Naughty Miss Jones

'cos naughty miss jones knows vibrators. Visit me at

WARNING: This post contains shameless self-promotion. But it also may lead to the best orgasms of your life….


It’s a Saturday afternoon. You have worked your butt off all week. You are ready to kick back and have a bloody good time. So you don your favorite party dress and heels, and head into a trendy Surry Hills bar with your own favorite ladies. There, you indulge in oysters and scrumptious canapés, washing them down with some cocktails whipped up by one of the best mixologists in the land of Oz, all while learning how to achieve better orgasms. Cue giggles, gasps, and moans of ecstasy (from the delicious cocktails, of course).

Sounds pretty bloody good no? Well, fantasize no more ladies, cos Oysters and Orgasms Are Here! We are now taking bookings for these exclusive events, to be hosted each Saturday afternoon at Hello Sailor on Sydney’s Oxford Street.

If you’re wondering if you should attend, we have very helpfully put together a very accurate and scientific quiz that will decide for you:

  1. Are you man? Yes/ No
  2. Do you know the correct way to stimulate your A-spot? Yes/ No
  3. Do you know how much lube you should use for clitoral play? Yes/ No
  4. Do you know what the No. 1 selling couples toy is? Yes/ No
  5. Do you know how to use it? Yes/ No
  6. Do you know how to tantalize the perineum? Yes/ No
  7. Do you hate orgasms?  Yes/ No
  8. Are you adverse to delicious food and drinks? Yes/ No

If you answered ‘No’ to three or more of the above, including question 1, then science says ‘Yes, you should attend’. (Science also said to tell you to get excited about the cocktails, which Science sampled last week and found to be delicious).

So get your ladies together for some happy vibing girls! We hope to see you there, drop us a line via the site or email to be sent an info pack.

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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