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How amazing were Plaster Fun parties when we were kids? The sheer thrill of making a mess, giggling with your mates and coming away with an actual thing, an actual thing YOU made, at the end of the event was pretty much one of the highlights of my childhood.

Exciting news people; that fun doesn’t have to end when you’re a kid. You can still have the fun of making a mess, giggling with your mate, and coming away with an actual thing you made as an adult. And, even better, that actual thing you made is a vibrator.

The clone-a-willy do it yourself vibrating dildo kit has been getting a lot of attention lately, because of its appearance in the movie “Neighbors”, wherein Zac Efron makes a clone of his willy using the kit and then sells it. I’ll take three thanks.

Much to my surprise, this product has been one of my biggest sellers. After experiencing it myself many months ago now, I can say it certainly makes for a fun night.

In essence, the creation of your own mould a willy is a 6 step process:

  1. you pour the plaster into the empty tube – you need to work quick here people, before it starts to dry out, so unless you a very multitalented, the owner of the subject penis will have to be responsible for ensuring it remains standing to attention;
  2. you insert the hard penis and rotate the tube (it’s in there for a while, so I imagine a cock-ring may be a helpful addition here. Either that or a strip tease. You can choose.)
  3. you remove the penis, and leave the plaster to set for a few hours;
  4. you mix up the jelly stuff and pour it into the mould, inserting the vibrator into the middle, then leave that to set for twelve hours or so;
  5. you pull out a vibrating replica penis (and start getting excited); and
  6. you spend the next few weeks finding little bits of plaster all through your bathroom, and giggle.

If you’re after a slightly sexier ‘how to’, here is a you-tube clip I found, complete with 80’s style porno music and everything (probably best not to watch this one if you’re at work… but notice the sly way the camera avoids showing the man’s actual penis).

So if you’re looking to recapture the youthful fun of Plaster Fun parties, or just want to get your own Zac Efron on, I highly recommend this product. It is messy, it does take some time, but it’s so worth it. Just think of it as an adult plaster party, with a very sexy result. Here is the link so you can buy one straight away!

Happy Vibing xx

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