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There are some wonderful products out there that give a lot of bang for their buck. Pardon my pun. When it comes to vibrators, sometimes the simplest, more inexpensive products are all a girl needs. To prove my point, I provided some of the most inexpensive products to some of my regular customers to test out for me. Those lucky ladies…

Amongst my top sellers are a number of products that will give you change from a twenty. Take my biggest seller, the butterfly kiss ( If you’re an avid reader of my monthly newsletter, (all the cool kids are) you would have come across the review of one very satisfied NMJ customer, a self proclaimed “sex toy snob” (her words, not mine) who trialed the butterfly kiss for us, describing it as:

Yes, this toy IS inexpensive. But oh my goodness, it’s the cheapest ‘good night in’ I have had in ages!”

And I’ll second that.

Another reviewer, this time the lucky recipient of the Retro Rocket ( sent me a quick e-mail after trialing the product, stating

If my clitoris could send you flowers of thanks, it would”. (which I thought was pretty bloody clever).

And finally, the recipient of the mood breezy (, which, coincidently is on sale for 30 bucks and is a bargain for a USB operated unit, whose described the product in her review

It was the most fun I’ve ever had via my laptop, and I heart the heart shape xx

(the full review is coming up in next months newsletter).

Sure, the less expensive toys don’t have all the bells and whistles of their more expensive friends, they may not rely on the same technology (the more premium toys these days being USB charged, as opposed to batteries), and they ought not be seen as a lifetime investment, but they will certainly give you some fun.

If you’re both broke and sexually frustrated, here are a few handy hints for picking out a great inexpensive toy:

  1. Brands matter – look for well known brands such as California Exotics, Doc Johnson and B Swish. Those companies are huge so it only makes sense they know what they’re doing!
  2. Look at the materials used – a lot of the cheap imports are made from materials not ideal for your skin. Silicone is easiest to clean, and make sure any plastic is phthalate free – read what the box says about the materials and if it says nothing, ‘enter’ at your own peril.
  3. Look at the shape – the shape of a product has a large impact on its effectiveness – do your research and consider what you want your product to do – clitoral (slightly pointed end), g-spot (rounded and arched at the end, generally with a flattened outer side) or an all-in-one (all hail the rabbit!).

So if you’re waiting for payday, or think you need to take out a personal loan to afford an orgasm inducing toy, think again. Shop smartly and you could get many, many hours of enjoyment for the less than the cost of a movie ticket.

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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