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So, my little vibers, how was it having your nipple/ scalp/ perineum massed/ licked/ lightly scratched in week 1? Excellent, glad you enjoyed it. 

In week 1 of Go Exploring (!) month, we encouraged y’all to open up the lines of communication to enhance your sex lives. Now, in week 2, we’re ‘trying a little tenderness’ and the theme this week is touch. Touch is the first sense we acquire and the secret weapon in many a successful relationship. Recent studies have revealed that emotion can be transmitted through the sense of touch alone, even while the touch-ee is blindfolded. Moral of the story people, touch is super important.

Y’all remember back in our young and innocent days when we met a potential mate, and that first touch, be it the arm moving from the back of the chair to your shoulder in the cinema, or the slight grab of the waist after many minutes of staring into each others eyes all puppy love style, felt like the best thing in the world? remember the spark of electricity you felt that first time your lips brushed theirs? or the extreme sense of absolute lovely from that very first spoon?

It’s time to get those feelings back people! you’re week 2 activity is as follows:

  1. find a comfortable, flat space with your partner, and get neked!;
  2. start with light fingertip touching, building up to firmer touches and strokes, exploring the arms, stomach, shoulders, legs, back, neck and face (not the genitalia) – do this for 15 mins;
  3. the person being touched, the touch-ee, has full control and should direct the toucher as to how they wish to be touched (thereby drawing on our new found communication skills from last week), i.e. ‘keep tickling the inside of my elbow until I say stop’ or ‘I like longer, firmer strokes on the back of my knee’;
  4. the toucher should embrace the concept of being told what to do; don’t try and force your own preferences on the other party, and do exactly as directed (unless directed to break the rules and touch the genitals – don’t do that!).While doing so, take note of what your partner responds to, and try and align your breathing with theirs;
  5. once 15 minutes is up, swap places for another 15 minutes;
  6. now, for the second half hour, we will be repeating the process, but using the aid of a massage oil, to add a different variable to the touch sensation (lucky for you I have a great range at – I suggest one of the warming ones )
  7. with the hour up, you are to both shower and dress – and that means No Nookie! (I can not believe I just wrote that). Your genitals and body should buzzing with excitement, and I want you to focus on that feeling in itself, rather than making it a pre-curser to something else (don’t worry people, I assure you there will be nookie, and plenty of it, next week).

Hopefully, by undertaking this weeks exercise, you won’t want to keep your hands off each other, as you’ve bought your focus back to both how you and your partner like to be touched and caressed, leaving you little hot under the collar without any genital stimulation at all. As Isiah McKimmie ( points out ““Sex is about more than just the act itself. It’s about building desire before we get there. Feeling sexy will boost your mood.”

So keep that desire going vibers, and stay tuned for Go Exploring(!) Month, Week 3!

Naughty Miss Jones xx


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