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So far, lovers, we have opened up the lines of communication (sexy style) and explored the raw sensation of touch (also sexy style). This week, we’re cranking things up a notch and our theme is fantasy. Fantasy (sexy style), to be more accurate.

You all remember the post I shared about that one time, at band camp, when my girlfriends and I got rip roaring drunk and ended up talking about sexual fantasy (if you missed it, click here Well the lesson I learned from that experience, besides the fact I cannot handle my margaritas as well these days as I did in my early 20s, is that we all fantasize, even if it takes a healthy dose of tequila to make us admit that.

People vary considerably in their ability to fantasize and in their enjoyment of this behavior. But fantasy, and in particular the acting out of ones deepest sexual desires, when incorporated into relationships in a healthy way can lead to much fulfillment, and a whole lot of fun. Sexual fantasies are normal, common and play a key role in a healthy and vital sex life. Topic and frequency of sexual fantasy varies greatly from person-to-person, so the point of this activity is to provide an easy and non-judgmental way to communicate those fantasies to your significant other.

This weeks fantasy themed activity is as follows:

  1. set aside a couple of hours and make sure you’re home alone;
  2. each partner is to write down 3 words, one being a vocation or specific person (though not someone you actually know!), one being a location and one being a body part. No other words are necessary.
  3. swap papers and, using your words as a guide (and without judgment!), have a twenty minute hunt through your home for appropriate props or aides, think feather boas, wooden spoons, your old school outfit; just as long as it fits in with the words on the paper provided;
  4. then, take it in turns to act out a scene involving your lovers fantasy words – remember they chose them so allow them to take the lead;
  5. the ‘fantasy’ must be continued through the entire, ahem, session. no breaking character!

By not being forced to describe a fantasy in detail, but just providing guidance through the use of 3 simple words, each partner ought to be in for an element of surprise.

As Isiah McKimmie, sex and relationship expert ( points out “Sexual fantasies can be a great doorway to greater sexual pleasure, excitement and understanding of ourselves.  There is so much about ourselves that is revealed when we examine our sexual fantasies! Sharing your sexual fantasies with you partner can add spice and intimacy to your relationship. Be aware that it requires good communication, trust and safety”

I hope you all have a fantasy-tic (gettit?) weekend lovers!

Happy Vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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