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Crossing things off a to-do list is one of my most favorite things. If I was to write a ‘Sound of Music’ style song about it, it would be right up there with taking my socks off in bed, summer and orgasms. Its awesome. So usually, come the start of a new year, I take great pleasure in composing my list of things to achieve and resolutions to live by.

But I am tired of being hard on myself. Over the last week, whenever I have thought of something I wanted to achieve or an appropriate resolution, a little voice in my head has piped up with “ah, fuck it missy”. And I’ve decided to listen to that little voice (first sign of insanity, apparently).

So, to trying to get back to a size 10, I say ‘fuck-it’

To keeping an organised tax record system; I say ‘fuck it’

To buying an ‘investment’ piece of clothing every few months instead of weekly el-cheapo purchases, I say ‘fuck-it’

And, finally, to spending my time making other people happy, while neglecting myself, I say… you guessed it… ‘fuck it’

So I decided to make a more fun list to cross off, full of things I have always wanted to do, and that benefit yours truly.

Responsibility is so 2014.

If anyone out there is looking to join me in an adventure or happiness expedition (as I’ve termed them), allow me to share with you (the cleaner parts of) my Fuck-It Buck-It list for 2015:

  1. Go skinny dipping on a school night;
  2. Drive to Palm Beach and have Fish and Chips;
  3. Go for a degustation menu somewhere fancy, with matching wines;
  4. Do one of those pin-up girl photo shoot things;
  5. Have at least one girls weekend with my besties;
  6. Go to a lesbian bar and dance the night away;
  7. Kiss a stranger… while sober;
  8. Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding;
  9. If I like that, do Yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board; and
  10. Dye my hair bright red.

I hope you, dear Vibers, are hoping 2015 will be a year of doing stuff that will make you happy (for the record, Vibrators make you very happy, and I have a great sale on now – wink wink

And to my foul mouthed little voice living inside my head, well played

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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