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Nothing says romance like a weekend away with just your lover. Further or in the alternate, nothing says ‘shag time’ like a weekend away with just your lover.

Holidays provide a wonderful opportunity to get away from the drudgery of everyday life. They also provides a wonderful opportunity to get away from the drudgery of everyday sex. Think about it, no neighbors to complain you’re being too loud, no threat of needing to be back in the office in the morning, no need to even clean your own sheets after!

If you’re planning a dirty little getaway, why not think about packing an extra little something to spice it up? Just don’t go writing about this addition to your travel bag on your postcards back home (unless you’re sending me a postcard, then I so want to hear about it).

The Winter Escape – ah, the smell and sound of a crackling fire. But you can also have a fire in your pants[1].  The use of heating oils, clitoral stimulators and lubricants will help heat up the places the fire missed. Like ‘Hot Stuff’ warming massage oil, which will heat as it’s rubbed into the skin

Steel products can be heated or cooled, and retain temperature for some time. Why not place a steel dong by the fireplace while you sip your-mulled wine, and then, well, you know (just make sure it’s not too hot, those bits are delicate!). Try this one if you’re in the mood for some warmed-up-lovin

The Summer Getaway – just because happy hour is over, doesn’t mean the party has to stop! Flavored lubes provide a great way to keep the cocktail flavor going, albeit sexy style. My pick? Strawberry Kiwi of course! It can be found here

Another great option for summer getaways is to get down and dirty, and make your own vibrator, using the mould-a-willy-do-it-yourself-vibrating-dildo-kit.

It requires him to be both naked and hard, does take some time (a luxury you have while away) and will likely leave a little mess for the poor cleaner to get through when you check out. But it’s fun. And holidays are meant to be fun.

The Camping Adventure – nature at its finest! If you’re looking to mount more than just your tent on your camping trip, there are some great products to think about taking along organic slide lubricant, for example, is completely natural and chemical free, meaning you will keep that ‘natural’ vibe going well beyond the peeing in a hole.

Alternatively, the limited space means your bodies are going to be very, very close, so why not try out a couple’s vibe, which will fit snuggly between you and your lover in even the most confined of spaces (plus are USB charged, so can get their buzz ready in the car ride down). The Noa will do just the trick

Whatever style of weekend you’re planning, I reckon with my help, it will be one you won’t forget.

Happy travels, and happy vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx

[1] Naughty Miss Jones does not endorse the use of actual fire in your pants. That would be silly.

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