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couple in winter

For anyone who bothered to read my paltry attempt at blog writing last week, you will know I wasn’t having my finest hour, seeing as I couldn’t really fix my washing machine and all. It wasn’t my best writing, but I was wet, cold and emotional. I also (and I may have neglected to tell this part of my sorry story, probably out of sheer embarrassment), was a little cranky at myself as, in my attempt to dislodge whatever it was that was clogging my machine’s hose, wasted an entire bottle of perfectly good lubricant. I’m sure you get my theory there, but Miss Fix It I aint.

Because, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, lube is wonderful stuff, and anyone with a sex life should own some.

Contrary to common belief, lube has many uses in the bedroom department (the home maintenance department…not so much).

If this cold weather has got you a little frisky for some under the covers fun, try these out:

  1. Use a drop or two of warming lube on your lover’s nipples to stimulate this erogenous zone while it rubs against you (and yours too, while you’re at it);
  2. Put a few drops in the condom before it is slipped on; the extra sensation he’ll get will set his world on fire – a tingling lube is perfect for this;
  3. Stimulate blood flow to his nether regions by massaging the groin area with a slippery lube;
  4. If you’re warming up with a shower and getting some lovin’ therein (with your partner or solo), always use lube, otherwise the water will wash away your natural juices, which can cause discomfort;
  5. Spread some lube across your boobs and lay down behind him, then slide back and forward (think: a slippery backwards body slide);
  6. Slip some flavored lube on your lips before performing oral. This goes for both parties.
  7. Try other types of sexy, slippery products; a few drops of arousal oil on your lady bits, or some edible nipple gel, just for fun.

So, with all those exciting uses, you can surely see why tipping a perfectly good bottle (kiwi flavored too!) down the drain would get a girl a little down.

If I’ve got you wanting to try these tips out, I pride myself on my tried and tested range available at

They may not fix washing machines, but they’ll certainly help you get the sheets dirty!

Naughty Miss Jones xx

P.S. Machine still broken. Send help.

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