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Yep.. he'll do

Yep.. he’ll do

This last weekend, I was spending some time with my good mate Rooster, when the subject of rub ‘n’ tugs came up. As it does.

We all know what a rub ‘n’ tug is (if you don’t, why on earth are you reading my blog?). A massage, usually performed by a naked or scantily clad lady, with a hand job to the point of orgasm at the end. Apparently, “it just feels good“. And at NMJ, we are all for anything that feels good.

Rewind back to the prior weekend, and I ended things with a boy I had been seeing a few months. He didn’t treat me how I want to be treated (and at this age, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that). And while I wasn’t sad it was over, the ending of things did leave me a little concerned as to where my next cuddle, kiss etc. would come from. What with being a single lass and all (orderly queue gentlemen, you know the drill).

So as Rooster relayed what the experience involved, the sensual touching, the attractiveness of the person so touching, the all-round excellence of orgasm, it got me thinking, why are us girls missing out on the fun? We like to be touched, we like to look at pretty men, and we sure as hell like orgasm. And then my brainwave hit me, there should be a rub ‘n’ tug parlor for girls! The Stroke ‘n’ Poke! Where attractive men give oil massages, lit by the flickering light of scented candles, and top off the experience by inducing orgasm, through the use of vibrators (of course I had to get them in there!). It would be a den of loveliness, a place women can go to relax and enjoy the sensuality of touch. Social stigma aside, I don’t know too many females who wouldn’t enjoy that. In these periods between men, as I’m in right now, it would practically be a community service.

Y’all remember when I interviewed one of Sydney’s leading male escorts for this blog. The link is here if you need a refresher.

Well, among the more practical tips Ryan shared with me that day, he also relayed what I already knew. Woman like to be touched, tickled and caressed. So, if a man who deals in women’s pleasure day in day out has verified that point, surely this new idea of mine is a winner!

Gentlemen, if you’re good with your hands, love women, are discreet and looking for your next career move, I might just have the opportunity for you. ‘Interviews’ will be held at NMJ headquarters (you bring the candle, I’ve got the massage oil and vibrator thing covered).

Ah, a girl can dream…

Happy Vibing

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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