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Lately, I’ve been working like a dog. Well, not like an actual dog, all Pearl’s life seems to consist of is being fed, walked and belly rubbed, pretty sweet really, but you get my drift. As a result of my ever mounting to-do list, there has been little time for blog-worthy adventures in my world of late. So I’m going to do try something different. Adventures… but not as you know it.

I’m going to write about the adventures I wish I was having. Risqué fiction if you will[1]. Allow me to introduce you to my fictional adventurous self, Lexi Devine. Over the next 8 weeks I’ll write a chapter of her sexy adventurous tale. Starting right now:

Most of Lexi’s clients were bald, and slightly pudgy. In her years working as an Associate at the esteemed firm of Boyd, McDonough & Co., Lexi had become quite accustomed to a never ending trail of middle aged men sitting in the chair opposite, seeking consumer law advice to protect their companies (and, on most occasions, their big fat salaries). They rarely had time to chat to Lexi. She was, to them, just another resource to rely on in minimizing risk and increasing the all-important bottom line.

But James was different.

From the moment he stepped into her office, James seemed to exude a wanting to get to know Lexi for more than just her encyclopedic knowledge of the warranty provisions of the Australian Consumer Law. His eyes seemed to take her in not just as a lawyer, but as a woman, too. And the way his eyebrows raised, the corners of his mouth curled up just slightly, a sexy and desirous woman at that. He said nothing, but simply held her gaze.

So” began Lexi, attempting to divert from the obvious sexual tension in the air “You’re looking to try a new advertising medium, and you have some print ads you’d like me to review and sign off on?”

At that, James reached into the briefcase he had bought with him, showing a hint off flexed bicep as he did so. After retrieving the documents, he slid them across the desk to Lexi, allowing his finger to brush hers, all the while maintaining his gaze upon her.

Right” she continued, feeling her face become more crimson with each passing moment “No problems; would you like me to review these and give you a call next week to let you know my findings?”


For the first time, he spoke. A voice deep and sexy and certain; in that single word he had exuded more sheer masculinity that Lexi had encountered in a very, very long time. “Next week I will come back and see you, same time, and we will go through your findings then. Together”

And with that, he was off.

That evening, at home alone, Lexi could not get her mind off James. The memory of his voice, the smooth, dulcet tones and certainty of conviction, would not escape her.

Tossing and turning in bed, Lexi found herself unable to sleep. It was like that voice was haunting her, sending shivers down her spine each time it replayed itself, as if on auto-repeat, over and over in her mind.

So Lexi did the only thing she could think of to bring herself some peace, reaching into her bottom drawer for her trusty butterfly kiss. She used the toy under the covers, allowing herself to replay that voice again and again, imagining the wings of the butterfly were his masculine fingers, lightly flicking her pleasure button, while the main shaft his penis, curled ever so slightly to hit perfectly just the right spot inside her. She found herself building in momentum, as she enjoyed the duel pleasure function, all the while imagining his voice. That voice. Until, only moments after she started, she found her body jerking with pleasure, pulsating simultaneously with release and wanting.

And with that release, the replay of the voice softened, and Lexi finally felt she’d be able to get some sleep. “That was amazing” she thought to herself, curling into the comfort of her cushion “and I get to see him again next week”……………..

If you’d like to try the butterfly kiss, just like Lexi, follow this link:

[1] Huge props to my friend’s husband who suggested I take this route with my little blog. You know who you are, you saucy minx.

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