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Won’t be able to make it in the city. Need this done by 9am, print run tmrw. Do you take house calls in the evening”

The email received from James was no nonsense, to the point, and just a little bit cheeky. ‘House calls?’ thought Lexi, ‘the bloody nerve of him’.

Almost a week had passed since Lexi met James in her office. Thanks to her trust butterfly kiss, and a few its fellow bottow-drawer dwelling buddies, she had managed to make it through the week wihout internally combusting at the memory of him. Him and that voice.

And now that voice was in her life again (albeit in the words of an email).

Of course Lexi didn’t normally take house calls from her clients. She was a lawyer, not a physcic or a beautician. But then most of her clients didn’t have the effect on her that James had so obviously had. And the ridged world of documents and diaries and suits and submissions had certainly been getting to her of late, stifling her inner cheekiness and leaving her with a longing for adventure.

Sure. 12 North St Alexandria. Will be there from 7.30”. She had typed the words before she could stop herself.

And, then, there he was. Just as she had remembered him. Except now at her doorstop.

Like last time, he said little, and after a quick nod strode into her home like he owned the place, sitting himself on the couch and kicking off his shoes, plonking down his brief case with a thud.

And before she could launch into her prepared speil outlining her concerns that some of the content of his adds could be construed as misleading, he was on her. Pulling him to her. Yanking her hair tie from her sensible pony and schaking out her hair with his rough hands. Grabbing her. Tasting her. Feeling her.

It was, hands down, one of the hottest and most intense moments of Lexi’s life. In a moment of sheer abandon she allowed herself to give into the process, bucking hersef against him, feeling his strain through their matching dark grey suit bottoms.

She led him by the hand into the bedroom, and before he could say no, had him bottomless on her bed, where she proceeded to drip over him a sticky, cherry mess, rubbing it into his neck, his chest, his arms, his legs and licking off each little drop, savoring the sickly cherry taste mixed with the taste of pure him. The lubrication allowed her hands and her tongue to glide over him with ease, a sensation so lovely she could almost feel his longing with her touch. Finally, she held the bottle up and allowed its contents to trickle down his rock hard manhood. Even without human touch, the coolness of the gliding substance caused James to buck roughly in pleasure, before releasing.

After catching his breath, James turned to her, still naked and glistening from the waist down.

“So Lexi” He began “About those adverts?”

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Naughty Miss Jones xx

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