The Adventures of Naughty Miss Jones

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Days had passed since James’ house call. The adds had run. Job well done. And Lexi had, again, found herself subject to a daily mountain of paperwork, approvals and affidavits; correspondence and copies. ‘Sometimes the world of law’, she thought to herself (for what must have been the forty-second-thousandth time), ‘is just too bloody much’.

And then, as if answering her silent call, an email appeared in her in-box from James.

the board happy with your work on the most recent campaign. New campaign, different medium, starts next week, will let you know deets. Also, I’d ike to rip your knickers off with my teeth

Lexi read, and re-read, the e-mail. More work! And, more importantly, more orgasms!

Would be delighted to assist” she responded, before her nerves could get the better of her “On both accounts ; )”

Before she could even give herself a pat on the back for being the sexy beast she knew she was, another email appeared.

Will schedule an appointment with your secretary. In the meantime, I’m getting hard just thinking about it

And, almost instantly, another

What would you do with that hardness?”

Lexi looked at the mountains of paperwork that had been her captor for days. Then she looked at the screen, feeling an instant moistness as she re-read those words.

The decision of what to do next was all but decided for her.

L: “I would show it whats its been missing. I’d get it out, set it free, but then not touch it, while I tease every other millimeter of your bare skin

J: “Would you let me undress you as you did so? Starting with the undies off with teeth, of course

L: “Yes, but only if you begged first. And only if you promised to do so slowly. Like in slow motion

J: “But I want to go fast

L: “I won’t let you. Slow and steady, mister.  Slow and steady and steamy…..”

J: “And what will you do if I’m a bad boy and try to go fast?”

Lexi, are you ok, you’re all red. I have the Mac brief here for you, just finished putting it together now” Lexi’s secretary, Ambrosia, stood at her open door way, cradling the A4 folder that contained the brief.

Yes, I’m fine, just a little overwhelmed with the amount of work!” Lexi quickly covered for herself, minimizing her inbox screen with one swift movement.

Sure” Ambrosia shrugged, crossing the threshold and dumping the folder on Lexi’s desk. “No problems, I’ll just shut your door and make sure no calls are put through for the next few hours, you know, give you a chance to catch up”

As she did so, Lexi started to compose her response

L: “If you’d been a bad boy, I would tie your hands together to stop them undressing me and…”

And so the email exchange went on. Hard. Fast. Sexy as hell. Just as their encounter the week before had been. It was contrary to public policy to use office email accounts in this way, and, if caught, Lexi knew she would be in huge trouble with the partners. And, yet, this was the most fun she had had in, well, since the house visit, really.

Later that night, Lexi read, and re-read, the emails on her phone in bed. She knew she would have to delete them, Ambrosia often jumped on her computer to check a date or print off something needed for a meeting, but she just wanted to drag the enjoyment out that little bit longer.

As she got to the part where he was tied up, legs sprawled on her bed, Lexi reached into her bottom drawer and pulled out her On Ice arousal oil, dropping a few little drops onto herself, allowing her clitoris to tingle and pulsate in pleasure as she re-read the words, touching herself, allowing her imagination to run wild.

The oil did the trick, and Lexi soon, only a few more emails along the chain, found herself gasping and pulsating in pleasure.

“Wow” she thought to herself, as she rolled over and, finally, hit the trashcan icon to delete the chain“If he can do this to me via email…”

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Naughty Miss Jones xx

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