The Adventures of Naughty Miss Jones

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The marble topped boardroom table was made for meetings. Not hard core sex sessions with heavenly voiced clients. Still, thought Lexi, the cool hard touch of the table’s surface made for a pleasant sensation, even it meant she’d be nursing some pretty hard core bruising in coming days.

James hadn’t even bothered to schedule a meeting this time, instead turning up just us the office was closing, bundle of documents under one arm, his well-worn briefcase tucked under the other. Ambrosia had been there when he arrived, helping Lexi collate yet another mountain of papers into an easy to read brief but, used to demanding clients being, well, demanding, she left, unbothered, shortly after James had arrived.

And as soon as she had closed the door behind her, James started, picking Lexi up and carrying her into the boardroom without so much as a simple ‘hello’.

The furiousness of his movements was intense. Lexi could feel her heart beating in her chest and her mouth open with longing. Long, hard stokes tickled her inside. Without stopping his movement, she saw James reach down and grab the briefcase. Surely he’s not going to want advice on the documents now? she thought, confused, but too enraptured in the pleasure to say anything at all.

And then, out of the briefcase, James pulled an object. It was small, palm of the hand small, egg shaped, and pink. While pretty, Lexi didn’t really understand what it was for. That is, until it was on her. As he continued to stroke her insides with his manhood, Lexi felt the tip of the object being placed, and then removed, placed, and then removed, on her pleasure button. The feeling was powerful. Sexy, intense, like nothing she had ever experienced before.

Just as the pleasure was getting too much, and she could feel her legs rising by themselves to kick him away and provide some release from the intensity, Lexi felt the object lift. James slowed down as he moved the pink object to the tabletop’s edge, just below his package, so that it tickled him from below, and almost instantly his eyes rolled back in his head with pleasure as he regained momentum.

Just as Lexi was about to scream in pleasure, she heard something that made her heart drop. Faint, but undeniable, Lexi heard the main door click open, and footsteps wander into the office. James must have heard it too, and instantly the pleasure was over (albeit he was still inside her), while they both looked, panicked into each other eyes. The groans and gasps of pleasure gave way to silence, and all that could be heard from the boardroom was the faint buzzing of the object from its resting place between the table and James……..

Want to check out the object for yourself? It’s the fabulous and multi purpose Lelo Alia, and its available here:

Naughty Miss Jones xx

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