The Adventures of Naughty Miss Jones

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It had been a long, hot summer for Lexi. The closure of the office meant a temporary reprise from files, paper, and the ever-uncomfortable court shoes. But it did not, most certainly, mean a reprise from James.

The thrill of almost getting caught, the body heat radiating from him as they huddled together under the boardroom table, the stolen, passionate kisses executed with silence while Lexi’s own boss was just meters away was almost too much, and had triggered in her a longing she had never before felt; a longing to explore every inch of this man, and explore it often.

It’s summer, baby, so let’s get slippery and wet”. So was his invitation in the email received just hours before the office closure on Christmas eve. Subtle it wasn’t, but it did the trick.

Over the summer they met, almost daily, and tried something new. There was the stainless steel dildo that James extracted from the fridge one particularly steamy day, providing cool relief and sensation simultaneously. It was cold, sure, but it was also very, very hot.

Or the waterproof vibe, administered by James under a cold shower, so intense it left Lexi herself but a puddle on the floor.

Or the vibrating panties James produced, together with an order they, alone, be worn for the duration of the evening.

Oh yes” thought Lexi to herself as she sipped a glass of wine and reclined into the bathtub, just days before she was to return to the drudgery of the office. “That was one hot summer


Her blissful thoughts were rudely interrupted with an incoming text. Hoping it was James she reached across to the bathroom cabinet and grabbed her phone.

But it was not James. Instead, the message and its contents were so unsettling she almost dropped the phone into the tub, and immediately erased Lexi’s plans to use her vibrating rubber duckie while reliving some of the hotter moments.

“Lexi, its your boss. I hope u hav had a nice break. Unfortunately, something has come to my attention which I must discuss with you as a matter of         URGENCY. Please meet me at the office at 9am. You may have a support person present. I am aware tomorrow is a Saturday”

And, all of a sudden, things weren’t looking so hot for Lexi

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Naughty Miss Jones xx

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