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Other people’s stories are sometimes so damn interesting. From prostitutes to women struggling with depression, to submissive and Indian girls looking to fulfil their parents dream of marriage, the real world is sometimes just so much more relatable than fiction (and helps me remember I’m not the only slightly odd ball out there). Its why I love reading blogs, and writing them in the hope of bringing a little joy and cheekiness to the readers world.

I recently received a ‘lovely blog award’ from a couple of fun lovin’ people. It may be the blog equivalent of chain mail but, hey, an award is an award – someone crack out the champers!

And as a blog lover, I have decided to do my dues as a recipient and hopefully share some new sources of joy and wonderment with you, my happy little vibers, in the process.

The rules.
1. Thank the person that nominated you
2. Display the lovely blog award
3. Share 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and

THANKS –ramblingg0at  – cheeky couples are so one of my favorite things. I hope I can inspire you for even more cheekiness! PS you recent post orgasm post was fantastic


1. I was on wheel of fortune once – go me (no, I didn’t win, but did go home with a DVD player, back when you couldn’t get them for thirty bucks at Aldi);
2. I really, really like to take socks off in bed. Sometimes I put them on, just so I can take them off;
3. I am a sleepwalker. It’s quite freaky at times. One time I was a friends date to a wedding, and crashed at his high rise apartment after. I then woke up, in nothing but undies, in the darkened fire escape with a bursting bladder at about 4am, with no un-locked doors and no recollection of how I got there;
4. I hate nuts. So when my most recent ex presented me with box of Ferrero rocher, I should have taken it as a sign!
5. I was always a little bit more sexually charged than most, I was the first of my mates to lose my V-card and remember my mate Noel turning to me in year 10 English class one time and telling me ‘wow, I didn’t realise girls thought about sex as much as you do” – thanks Noel;
6. I really want to be one of those polished looking girls, but I have a love affair with my snooze button, and an apparent inability to drink or eat anything without some ending up on my clothes; and
7. I have had a mortgage, a share portfolio, been in love, and am a director of several companies. But I still don’t feel like an adult!

Now for the good bit – check out these blogs I follow for some fun summer reading people!

1. Curry love – I mostly like when she talks about her dad. He sounds awesome.
2. Peas and Cougars – weirdness at its best!
3. Sydney sugar babe – knowing this goes on in my own city is a little bit of a turn on!
4. Dating dramas of a 30 something –
5. My Adventures as a Sugar Daddy – cos I like to read about naughty things, and get a different perspective
6. Vivienne’s process of elimination – Her by-line is ‘cut the crap’ = I like this girl
7. I am begging my mother not to read this blog – – wise words from a creative type who writes with a definite ‘realness’. She even got a dressed up dildo for Christmas x
8. A pretty penny – cos sometimes a girl just needs some visual satisfaction

9. The middlest sister – cool collage style pics that make me wish I was artistic

Happy reading xx

2 thoughts on “Feeling the Blog Love

  1. currylove says:

    Thank you so much !!!! And yes… my dad is super awesome 🙂

  2. Rae says:

    Thanks for the mention!

    I’m jealous, it’s totally my dream to be on Wheel of Fortune, but they still haven’t called me. (I should probably apply.)

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